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David O'Connor is the owner and operator of O'Connor's Plumbing. David is an Arizona native who has been in the plumbing and water treatment industry for over 10 years. David is a family man. When not plumbing, he is spending time in fellowship and involvement at church and with his family. David and Gabrielle were blessed with 3 beautiful children and live in Glendale. David and his beloved wife Gabrielle got married soon after highschool and have enjoyed life together and serve at church together. David's desire is to deliver exceptional workmanship and a next level customer service experience all to the glory of God.

David is a God fearing, born again Christian who's philosophy is to work hard in service of the Lord and fellow man, to create an inheritance for his children, and to pass on the same quality and blessings of hard work and serving others. David believes he should work for what he earns and is thankful to God for the abilities he has to be able to attain; a skilled trade and provision for his family. His hope is that as he serves you, you will be blessed by his labors and he will earn a customer for life. Soli Deo Gloria.